Drive your classic car on the big rally to the south of France, through Provence and to the Côte d'Azur.

Enjoy Your classic car at a large, impeccably organized rally.

Experience the sporty driving pleasure on the most beautiful roads, usually with little traffic.

Discover Landscapes of great beauty, the light of the south, the charm of Provence.

Be amazed about the variety of brands and models participating in the RAID. The RAID is considered a rolling museum. Driving in this environment is an exciting pleasure.

Rejoice about the shared experience with like-minded people, typical local cuisine and very good hotels.

Drive you the RAID DU SUD IV - a rally in the tradition of 33 years of RAID, an enriching experience.

The route 2024

Gstaad – Aix-Les-Bains – Orange – Grand Canyon du Verdon – Cannes-Mandelieu-La Napoule

Mostly on routes that are being traveled by the RAID for the first time.


Back on the program after the success of 2021: the impressive Grand Canyon du Verdon, a very special driving experience.

New: tasting stops

As with the RAID Autumn Rally 2023, there is this one
RAID tasting stops.
You get to know typical specialties - without this detracting from the sporting event like the RAID: they are inspiring breaks on a long journey.

The climate at RAID DU SUD IV: pleasant, warm – but not hot

The second half of September is an ideal time to travel to the south of France. It is still full of summer, but no longer a hot summer.
Last year (2023) the temperatures for the period of this year’s RAID, between 19 and 22 September, were 19 degrees – 25 degreesThe trip to the south is also a pleasant climate. Added to that is the lack of traffic - the high season is long over, you can drive again and enjoy the wonderful roads in France.

RAID DU SUD IV: The program

Thursday, September 19, 2024

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m

Arrival of the RAID participants in Gstaad, afterwards. Reception, administration, driver briefing,
Hand over the road book and lunch bags, move to the waiting area.


11:00 o'clock               

Start of the first cars on the promenade in Gstaad, drive through the Oberland, the Vaud and the Valais to Savoy.


17:00 o'clock               

Arrival in Aix-Les-Bains.

You stay in hotels directly on Lac du Bourget.
This is how you can experience Savoy at its most beautiful!



Dinner at the hotels.

Friday, September 20, 2024       

8:30 a.m               

Start at the quay in Aix-Les-Bains.
The journey goes south on routes that have never been traveled by the RAID DU SUD before.
Lunch on the way.
You discover regional cuisine. As is tradition, in a particularly beautiful place.
Then you reach Provence, a tasting stop awaits you on the way, you feel the warmth, the light, the landscape and enjoy being in the south!
Then start the rally at Quai Aix-Les-Bains. The journey goes south on routes that have never been traveled by the RAID DU SUD before.
Lunch on the way.
You discover regional cuisine. As is tradition, in a particularly beautiful place.
You then reach Provence. A tasting stop awaits you on the way, you feel the warmth, the light, the landscape and enjoy being in the south!


approximately 5:00 p.m        

You reach the old Roman town of Orange.
Dinner à la Provençale and overnight at the Hotel Mercure, which is under new management and is regionally known for its cuisine.

Saturday, September 21, 2024     

8:00 a.m               

Start in orange.
The big journey on routes that have never been seen before
RAID DU SUD begins. Places with magical names, quiet routes, rolling hills, old walls – you will experience Provence from a fascinating perspective.

Lunch in a place that will remain in your fondest memories.
This is followed by villages and small towns typical of the south. Tasting stop along the way before the rally continues.

And then the Grand Canyon du Verdon! A driving experience that many participants in RAID DU SUD III still rave about today.


approximately 4:00 p.m        

You are at the new destination of the RAID, feel the proximity of the sea,
enjoy the aperitif at a wonderfully landscaped, artificial lake. This is how you celebrate the official end of a big, impressive journey!



Free Drive (45 km) according to the road book of the Côte de l' Estérel to Cannes Mandelieu, on the left the red rocks, on the right along the blue sea.

Arrive at the popular RAID Hotel Pullman Royal Casino, one of the few hotels on the Côte located directly on the sea.


8:00 p.m              

Aperitif high above the swimming pool.


8:30 p.m             

Dîner de Gala and awards ceremony under a southern starry sky on the terrace directly above the sea, with the fairy lights of Cannes in the distance.

A unique experience in the spirit of historic automobiles comes to a stylish conclusion here.

Sunday, September 22nd, 2024   


Breakfast in the hotel.

Check out. We're already looking forward to the next RAID!

Individual journey home.

Your hotels on this RAID

The hotels are carefully selected by RAID experts and impress with their quiet location, accessibility and the quality of the rooms, cuisine and services. The Hotel Mercure in Orange is under new management, while the Hotel Pullman Royal Casino in Cannes-Mandelieu is one of the RAID participants' favorite hotels.
On all rally days you will arrive at the hotels early, at around 5:00 p.m

Aix Les Bains:
Hotel Adelphia

Aix Les Bains:
Hotel Aquakub

Hotel Mercure

Cannes-Mandelieu-la Napoule:
Hotel Pullman Royal Casino

The new road book: now the passenger has less work!
The roadbook for the RAID DU SUD IV has Jean-Thierry Vacheron from Lausanne. The rally expert designed this important document in accordance with the internationally applicable FIA guidelines.
For the first time, the locations of the special tests are indicated. This saves the passenger a lot of work – and some calculations.
This is also new: the time for a stage no longer has to be calculated, it is stated in the road book.

The new time measurement: You get your result immediately and without waiting
Hanno Maier, head of the timekeeping company Race Result Swiss in Weinfelden, has brought the timekeeping at the RAID up to the latest electronic standard.
The results are constantly updated on the RAID homepage and can be accessed at any time. Waiting for the results is a thing of the past.

Select the category you would like to ride in
Veterans: Automobiles born up to 1945
Classics: Automobiles born up to 1994
Youngtimers: Automobiles born between 1995 and 2004
openRAID: no tests, no timing, just enjoy!

Special ratings
If you have decided on one of these categories, you can also register for one of the three following special ratings. This is also a special feature that the RAID offers you.

  • The RAID team ranking:
    3 cars form a team that races under a common name. The team ranking is suitable for families, friends or business partners.
    The winner is the team with the lowest penalty points.
  • For 25 years: The RAID LADIES› CUP – the women’s ranking:
    A separate classification, exclusively for women's teams (driver/co-driver). The RAID was the first rally to add the women's classification.
  • Young RAIDERS› Trophy – only the RAID offers that!
    The RAID has been supporting young drivers for years. It's important to keep the flame high and pass it on!
    Up to the age of 30, a discount of CHF 200 on the participant price. Limited number of starting places available.

RAID Stress-Less Driving: just drive and enjoy!

In the wide field of classic car rallies, two trends can currently be identified:

  • On the one hand, the rallies are becoming more and more demanding in sporting terms – the RAID meets this requirement with the new electronic timekeeping and the new road book according to international standards.
  • On the other hand, there is a growing trend towards rallies without timekeeping and thus without any sporting ambition. Enjoyable driving is the main focus here.
    For almost 20 years, RAID has been leading the openRAID category – without time measurement. OpenRAID – which was a pioneering achievement at the time – is now becoming RAID Stress-Less Driving.

This is Stress-Less Driving:

  • You drive according to the new, detailed road book and/or
  • according to map sections that are given to you (this is new)
  • You will reach your destination (hotel) by 5 p.m.
  • You will experience the same social environment as all the other participants, as well as the same routes, and lunch will be waiting for you at the same selected locations. The hotels will remain the same.
  • Simply drive past the RAID testing locations.
  • You will receive a special rally sign that identifies you as a Stress-Less Driver.

Would you like to drive stress-less? Simply tick the box (openRAID or Stress-Less) on the registration form!

Stress-less driving is possible at RAID DU SUD IV and BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS. This category is not available at WinterRAID.

Compare – the RAID offers you more

RAID/TCS breakdown service
Replacement and repair vehicles with specialized mechanics with extensive RAID experience. Own towing service. TCS patrol.

RAID luggage service for participants with cars with small trunks. For a price of CHF 50 per piece of luggage, your luggage will be brought to your hotel in Aix-Les-Bains, Orange and Cannes-Mandelieu. Baggage drop-off in Gstaad, return in Cannes-Mandelieu.

RAID doctor. An experienced RAID doctor accompanies the event from Gstaad to Cannes-Mandelieu.

RAID car return transport (optional). The TCS specialists will bring your classic car back from Cannes-Mandelieu to Switzerland. And if you wish, your modern car from your place of residence to Cannes-Mandelieu. This way you can start your return journey independently and perhaps combine it with a few days of vacation.

For these services please contact directly:
TCS Assistance Transport
Tel. +41 58 827 64 64
Fax +41 58 827 50 09

This is only available exclusively at RAID – the “Découverte culinaire” package (optional)
For years there has been a special evening program for culinary connoisseurs and connoisseurs. This time in another Michelin star restaurant with a great history. On the second day of the rally, September 20, 2024, you will eat in the evening Restaurant La Mère Germaine (one Michelin star) in Château Neuf du Pape.

The restaurant, opened in 1922 by the cook and landlady Germaine Vion, was quickly recognized by the Michelin Guide. And a must for Parisian society who traveled to the Côte.

Today the restaurant is the premier address for modern Mediterranean cuisine, prepared by Belgian star chef Christophe Hardiquest. The meal is accompanied by short comments on the history, the individual courses and the wine selection.

Surcharge per person CHF 310.- including travel from the hotel in Orange to the restaurant and back in luxury vans and/or taxis. Number of participants limited.

Conditions of Participation
Automobiles of all categories and displacement classes up to and including the year 1994 are eligible for RAID. For younger vehicles: handicap regulations. The year of the vehicle is automatically taken into account during tests.

Entry fee 

Participant price: Registration and payment deadline
CHF 4,880.- for 2 people in a double room 
CHF 5,720.- for 2 people in a single room 

Last registration and payment date: July 15, 2024
Payment is due upon registration. Registrations will only be confirmed in writing after payment has been received. This confirmation is a prerequisite for participation in the RAID.


Last registration and payment date: July 15, 2024

Included in the entry fee

  • Three dinners and three nights in very good hotels
    In Orange and Cannes-Mandelieu all participants are accommodated in the same hotel, in Aix-Les-Bains in two hotels opposite each other on the lake
  • Delivery of the lunch bags for the first day of the rally in Gstaad. Over the next few days we have two lunches in particularly beautiful places along the way
  • All meals up to and including breakfast from September 22nd, 2024. Very good, typically regional cuisine, tested by RAID experts
  • Mineral water (available in bottles before the start)
  • Tasting stops
  • At lunchtime: mineral water (alcohol at your own expense and responsibility), in the evening aperitif, table wine and mineral water, coffee if desired
  • Festive dinner with awards ceremony on September 21, 24 on the terrace of the Hotel Pullman in Cannes-Mandelieu, directly over the sea
  • Parking fees, vehicle surveillance
  • Luggage service (optional)
  • Trophies, gifts, prizes
  • All rally documents, rally number and rally plate
  • RAID doctor
  • RAID breakdown service
  • TCS patrol
  • Regulations, road books etc.
  • Support on all rally days by experienced RAID officials

The organizer expressly rejects any liability towards vehicles, participants, their accompanying persons and owners of the vehicles. The vehicle drivers and/or owners are liable to third parties. This exclusion of liability also applies to officials and helpers. By signing the registration, the participant declares that he accepts these conditions unconditionally and that he expressly waives any legal action against the organizers or the RAID organization in any way and for whatever reasons. The organizer can punish negligence, non-compliance with the regulations, unsportsmanlike behavior or violation of the law with exclusion. The place of jurisdiction is Arlesheim, BL (Switzerland).

The owners of the participating vehicles must be insured for claims against third parties in accordance with the applicable regulations. In no case is insurance a matter for the RAID organization.

Program changes
The organizer expressly reserves the right to make any changes to the program or individual parts of the event and, if necessary, to adapt the services.

RAID organization, Binningerstrasse 95, CH-4123 Allschwil / Basel
Tel. +41 61 301 38 95 – Fax +41 61 301 38 59 – –

Would you like to stay overnight in Gstaad the evening before the RAID starts?

The Hotel Arc-en-Ciel, located in a very quiet area in Gstaad towards Feutersoey, offers RAID participants beautiful, renovated double rooms at a special RAID price for the night of September 18/19, 2024.


The hotel has a well-known restaurant and plenty of parking spaces. Are you interested?Please reserve directly with the hotel using the Keyword RAID:, Tel: ++41 33 748 43 43.
The special price is valid until July 15, 2024 (registration date RAID DU SUD IV)



Volvo – official car partner of the RAID du SUD IV 2024
The legendary Swedish brand is providing all support vehicles this year. We are happy to be able to use these modern and reliable cars as work tools.
Getting to their locations quickly and safely is extremely important for the RAID officials - the quality of the event depends on this.

We would like to thank Volvo Car Switzerland AG for this generous gesture. Our participants - and of course we too - will live with these automobiles for three days and will particularly appreciate what is special about this brand: the proverbial safety and reliability of Swedish automobiles.

Volvo is also a brand that has made history in classic rallying.