In the golden autumn

Two days of rally fun.
On exciting routes through Eastern Switzerland. And in one of the most beautifully located hotels in our country: Bad Horn, directly on Lake Constance.

The BELMOT RAID SUISSE planned for June is being redesigned as an autumn RAID due to unforeseeable hotel and parking problems in St. Gallen, based on the successful model of the RAID autumn event in 2023.
The BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS offers everything that belongs to a RAID: beautiful routes, exciting
Tests, magnificent landscapes and impeccable organisation. You drive with like-minded people, have petrol talks at lunch and in the evening at the Hotel Bad Horn with drivers and co-drivers who are all vintage car fans - just like you.

Thanks to its fantastic location and first-class service, the 4-star superior hotel is one of the leading hotels in Eastern Switzerland.
The 1500 square meter emerald spa, the beautiful rooms, the first-class cuisine and the direct lake access make this resort unique.

The RAID reaches the Hotel Bad Horn early enough,
so that you can fully enjoy all the amenities the house has to offer.

The rally begins in MOTORWORLD between Zurich and Winterthur in an atmosphere characterized by historic automobiles

The MOTORWORLD is part of “THE VALLEY”, the huge former site of the Maggi factories in Kemptthal. The listed buildings have been – and are being – extensively renovated.
A highlight is the MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Zurich, which makes the hearts of automobile-loving visitors beat faster with vintage cars, premium vehicles, workshops and various lifestyle offerings.
MOTORWORLD is the start and finish location of the RAID. The place is easily accessible from all over Switzerland via the motorway or the national road network.

Impeccable organisation

Since 1991, RAID has been the epitome of rally tradition, of professionalism, the competence and friendliness of the officials and the breakdown service. As well as the comprehensive support of the RAID participants during the rally

What awaits you
• Two days of pure driving pleasure
• Routes that are exciting to drive
• A stimulating rally feeling and being together with like-minded people
• Driving according to the road book and reaching intermediate destinations including exciting tests
• The opportunity to compete with others and prove your skills as a driver (including navigation and timing)
• The unique experience of experiencing a rally in a professional environment
• very good, modern hotels
• Lunch at specially selected locations
• Appenzeller cheese tasting
• Visit to a private vintage car collection

The new road book: now the passenger has less work!

The road book was compiled by Jean-Thierry Vacheron from Lausanne. The rally expert designed this important document in accordance with the internationally applicable FIA guidelines.

For the first time, the locations of the special tests are indicated. This saves the passenger a lot of work – and some calculations.
This is also new: the time for a stage no longer has to be calculated, it is stated in the road book.

The new time measurement: You get your result immediately and without waiting

Hanno Maier, head of the timekeeping company Race Result Swiss in Weinfelden, has brought the timekeeping at the RAID up to the latest electronic standard.

The results are constantly updated on the RAID homepage and can be accessed at any time during the rally. Waiting for the results is a thing of the past.

The RAID is and remains a sporting rally.
But stopovers allow you to take a break and get to know local culture or taste local specialties.

The new formula was first introduced at the RAID autumn rally in October 2023 - the participants were enthusiastic. Especially since the sporting character of the event was fully preserved.

The new roadbook makes the co-driver’s work much easier

RAID Stress-Less Driving: just drive and enjoy!

In the wide field of classic car rallies, two trends can currently be identified:

  • On the one hand, the rallies are becoming more and more demanding in sporting terms – the RAID meets this requirement with the new electronic timekeeping and the new road book according to international standards.
  • On the other hand, there is a growing trend towards rallies without timekeeping and thus without any sporting ambition. Enjoyable driving is the main focus here.
    For almost 20 years, RAID has been leading the openRAID category – without time measurement. OpenRAID – which was a pioneering achievement at the time – is now becoming RAID Stress-Less Driving.

This is Stress-Less Driving:

  • You drive according to the new, detailed road book and/or
  • according to map sections that are given to you (this is new)
  • You will reach your destination (hotel) by 5 p.m.
  • You will experience the same social environment as all the other participants, as well as the same routes, and lunch will be waiting for you at the same selected locations. The hotels will remain the same.
  • Simply drive past the RAID testing locations.
  • You will receive a special rally sign that identifies you as a Stress-Less Driver.

Would you like to drive stress-less? Simply tick the box (openRAID or Stress-Less) on the registration form!

Stress-less driving is possible at RAID DU SUD IV and BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS. This category is not available at WinterRAID.

Would you like to travel to Eastern Switzerland the evening before the RAID?

We recommend the Hotel Banana City in Winterthur

The Banana City is a modern, spacious hotel.
Nice rooms, restaurant.
And close to the MOTORWORLD
Phone: 052 268 16 16

Banana City Hotel Picture

BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS 2024 – this is how the rally works

Friday, October 18, 2024

8:00 a.m. to
9:00 a.m

9:15 a.m. to
10:15 am

approx. 12:15 p.m


approximately 5:00 p.m

7:00 p.m

Arrival of the classic cars at MOTORWORLD Kemptthal
Participants will receive their individual entry times in good time before the rally
Handing over the rally signs and page numbers

Driver briefing / Café Croissant
Start 1st vehicle for the 1st stage approx. 150 km
On the way: Tasting of Appenzeller cheese

End of the stage and lunch on the Freudenberg near Appenzell

Start of the 2nd stage to Bad Horn on Lake Constance approx. 85 km

Parking and hotel check-in

Aperitif and dinner at the hotel

Saturday, October 19, 2024

From 07:00

08:45 am

09:15 am

9:45 a.m

approximately 12:30 p.m


approximately 4:00 p.m

approximately 4:45 p.m


Driver briefing at the hotel

Check out

Start of the 1st car for the 3rd stage. approx. 140 km
On the way: Visit to a private vintage car collection. 

Lunch in Weinfelden

Start of the 4th stage. approx. 70 km
On the way you will experience where the famous Stalder Rail trains come from

Arrival at MOTORWORLD Kemptthal
Farewell aperitif

Ranking announcement, end of the event

Official Car Partner


Program changes, for whatever reason, are expressly reserved

up to the age of 30

“The flame must be passed on – not the ashes”

Like no other rally, the BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SUISSE promotes young drivers and co-drivers. At a time when electric mobility is increasingly replacing classic cars with combustion engines, it is important that young people are introduced to the culture - and the pleasure! - of driving historic cars.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel Seelust, Egnach on Lake Constance.
The young riders form their own group, which then rides the RAID with all the other participants.

The young riders form their own group, which rides as a RAID. A RAID within a RAID, so to speak. The BELMOT SWISS TROPHY has its own ranking. For 1st to 3rd place, for the youngest participant and for the best-placed ladies team.

The Young RAIDERS stay at the Hotel Seelust in Egnach.

Special participant price, everything included, for 2 people: CHF 1,100.-

Please attach a copy of an official ID (passport, ID or driver's license) to the registration form; admission is not possible without this copy.

The minimum number of participants is 5 teams.

Registration is now open!

You can download the registration form, fill it out and send it to us by email to or by post: Organization RAID, Binningerstrasse 95, 4123 Allschwil/Basel

Entry fee

CHF 1'750.-       for 2 persons in a double room
CHF 1'870.-       for 2 persons in single rooms
CHF 1'100.-       for Young RAIDERS up to 30 years in a double room
CHF 1'220.-       for Young RAIDERS up to 30 years in single rooms

Registrations are possible until August 20, 2024

Early registration is recommended. Last year's BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS was sold out within a short time.
After you have registered, you will receive an invoice from us. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Registrations will only be confirmed after receipt of payment. This confirmation is a prerequisite for participating in RAID.
Free cancellation until registration deadline.

Included in the entry fee

• Overnight stay and dinner at the Hotel Bad Horn
• All rally documents
• A road book every day
• Regulations
• Rally sign and page number
• Support from experienced RAID officials
• Time measurement (transponder)
• Appenzeller cheese tasting
• Visit to a private vintage car collection
• Cups and other prizes
• RAID breakdown service that accompanies the entire rally
• In the evening, table wine, mineral water, coffee
• Mineral water service on the way
• Parking fees


The BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS offers everything that belongs to a RAID: beautiful routes, exciting
Tests, magnificent landscapes and impeccable organisation. You drive with like-minded people, have petrol talks at lunch and in the evening at the Hotel Bad Horn with drivers and co-drivers who are all vintage car fans - just like you.

On BELMOT RAID SUISSE you select the category,
in which you want to drive!


automobile legends built up to 1939


Experience and sporty driver enjoyment up to the year of manufacture 1994


the future classic cars (built 1994-2004)


without any tests, just enjoy the journey and the beautiful landscape

Special ratings
If you have decided on one of the three categories, you can also register for one of these four special ratings if you wish. The winners of the special evaluations will be awarded a special prize at the awards ceremony.


3 cars form a team that races under a common name. The team ranking is suitable for families, friends or business partners. And everyone enjoys triple RAID fun.

THE RAID LADIES' CUP – the women's competition

A separate ranking, exclusively for women's teams.


BELMOT and RAID have been supporting young drivers for years. It's important to carry the flame forward!

Extract from the regulations

Conditions of admission
Cars of all categories and displacement classes up to and including the year 2004 are permitted. The vehicles must meet the requirements of the road traffic regulations. The RAID organization reserves the right to refuse vehicles.

Scoring mode
Categories: A separate classification is created for the Veterans, Classic and Youngtimer categories (1st – 3rd prize per category).

Overall ranking:
For the categories Veterans, Classic and Youngtimers together (1st – 3rd prize). The vehicle with the fewest penalty points in all categories receives the trophy for overall victory. However, the overall winner cannot also win the category in which he took part in the rally.

Registration for vehicles born before 2004
According to the announcement, only vehicles built up to and including 2004 are permitted to take part in the BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS. Younger vehicles can take part in the RAID with special permission. However, to ensure equal opportunities with older vehicles, these will be given a one-off handicap of 30 penalty points or will be driven out of competition.

Type of competition
On routes based on a map or road book, participants have free travel within the legal regulations and are bound to certain average speeds (not exceeding 50 km/h). Secret controls on the route, time controls, various regularity tests, hose and navigation tests. Drivers must strictly adhere to the rules of the Swiss road traffic law.


The owners of the participating vehicles must be insured for claims against third parties in accordance with the applicable regulations. In any case, insurance is entirely and exclusively the responsibility of the participants.


The organizer expressly rejects any liability towards vehicles, participants, their accompanying persons and owners of the vehicles. The vehicle drivers and/or owners are liable to third parties. This exclusion of liability also applies to officials and helpers. Drivers are liable for violating legal traffic regulations. By signing the registration, the participant declares that he accepts these conditions unconditionally and that he expressly waives any legal action against the organizers or the RAID organization in any way and for whatever reasons. The organizer can punish negligence, non-compliance with the regulations, unsportsmanlike behavior or violation of the law with exclusion. The place of jurisdiction is 4144 Arlesheim (Switzerland).

Program changes

The organizer expressly reserves the right to make any changes to the program or individual parts of the event or, if necessary, to adapt the services. This decision cannot be appealed. The event takes place in all weather conditions.


The sporting and competitive nature of the BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS is characterized by numerous regularity and navigation tests. The BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS is won by the person who has received the fewest penalty points.

Handicap regulation
When measuring time, there is a handicap regulation that takes the age of your vehicle into account. A multiplier ensures that the ranking can be created based on coefficients.
The vintage is automatically taken into account when calculating the penalty points for specials and hose tests. Since speedometer accuracy generally decreases with increasing age, the year of a car also affects the number of penalty points: the older the vehicle, the lower the multiplication factor.
Born in 1938 Penalty points from specials and hose tests are multiplied by 1.38.
Vintage 1979 Penalty points from specials and hose tests are multiplied by 1.79.

After registration and payment, the participant will receive the basic regulations for the event.
The detailed regulations will be sent to the participant electronically around a month before the rally.
At the start of the rally, the latest regulations will be given to participants in printed form.

We expressly reserve the right to make changes to the program.

This is what winners look like

Claudio and Lorenz Weibel won the overall ranking of the BELMOT RAID SUISSE 2023. This after they had already won the overall ranking last year. In the middle: René Grossenbacher, BELMOT representatives.

Rally driving in Eastern Switzerland: unadulterated driving pleasure. Here you can really enjoy your car (and much more).

 Eastern Switzerland is not a tourist hotspot like the Engadin, Ticino, French-speaking Switzerland or the Bernese Oberland.

Prejudices and clichés prevail in many places – and the region is hardly known to many.

The diversity of the landscape, the wonderful, often low-traffic routes, the magnificent panoramas: far too few classic car drivers know all of this.

Discover fascinating areas, a rally paradise, friendly people who love historic cars. And, located directly on Lake Constance, enjoy a truly unique hotel.

Join us in the BELMOT AUTUMN RAID SWISS 2024!

Raiders, start your engines!